The Simplest & Most Effective Nutrition Plan For Post-Menopausal Women
Get A Scientifically-Backed Nutrition Plan For Optimal Health, Weight, Energy & Confidence After Menopause
Ready to take the guesswork out of your eating habits?
Designed by two experienced nutritionists, Navigate Your Plate is the nutritional program for post-menopausal women who want to fuel their bodies, feel their best, and live an active, engaged life. 
You're in the prime of your life. You've got the wisdom & experience to go after what you truly want. You're excited for your next chapter. 
But as wonderful as mid-life can be... Life after menopause comes with a LOT of nutritional challenges.  
Your cravings get the best of you. You're not really sure what you're supposed to be eating so you wind up reaching for whatever is available. 
You're frustrated by the amount of conflicting information around post-menopausal nutrition. You want a smart nutritional approach that empowers you to feel your best every day - without depriving you of the foods you love. 
You're sick of the constant exhaustion and chronic pain. You're not ready to give up your favorite activities and don't love the idea of taking meds every day... But something has to give!

You LOVE your life and want to show up fully for your loved ones

But fatigue, inflammation, and other health issues keep getting in the way.

You're ready to just feel like YOU again.

But trying to find a non-pharmaceutical solution has left you feeling a little hopeless...

Stop right there: Because there IS hope. 
Life after menopause can be full of love, laughter, and amazing new memories—but if you want to live life past 50 at its fullest, you have to understand how to properly fuel your body & support your overall health.

Imagine Being Able To...
  • Wake up every day feeling energized, confident, & ready for anything
  • Know exactly what foods to eat to feel your best
  • Have a healthy eating plan that helps you manage your weight, tastes amazing, and doesn't leave you feeling deprived or like you're "on a diet"
  • Know exactly how to effortlessly put nutritious meals together, without counting calories
  • Eliminate stress around food and nutrition 
  • Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to perform optimally during your post-menopausal years
This is exactly why we created Navigate Your Plate - the simple, science-backed healthy eating solution for Post Menopausal Women. 
Hi! We’re Jane Schwartz, RD and Stephanie Goodman, CNC. We're seasoned nutritionists & the founders of Nourishing Gurus.
As 50+ women ourselves & experienced nutrition experts… WE GET IT! We understand how challenging it can be for women to relearn how to eat after menopause.

Life after 50 should be one of the most AMAZING chapters—but in this stage more than ever, it’s essential for us to get our nutrition in check.

In our 40+ years of combined experience, we’ve helped women from all walks of life transform their health, weight, and relationship with food.

As we entered our own midlife years, we became intimately familiar with the unique challenges many women face during this time. We may find we can’t eat the way we used to. We experience weird mood swings. We may begin to notice hormonal fluctuations, a change in our body composition, and intense energy slumps.

We developed Navigate Your Plate to help you boost your energy, live your life to the fullest, maintain a healthy weight, lower inflammation, balance blood sugar and nourish your body from the inside out.
Our goal with this program is to help put YOU in charge of your own health again, through the power of intentional nutrition. You deserve to love food, live a full life, and wake up feeling your best every day.

If you’re ready to cut the mealtime confusion and take the guesswork out of what you should be eating… Navigate Your Plate is your go-to guide!
“My doctor could not believe the change!
Thanks to your Program, I am feeling so much better. My hot flashes have subsided, and knees no longer hurt. I lost weight and my bloodwork - cholesterol & triglycerides are now good. In 6 months I was able to accomplish this. My doctor could not believe the change and wanted to know how I did it. Thanks Jane and Stephanie!
- Susan Omslaer
You Deserve to THRIVE During Midlife & Beyond.
Navigate Your Plate is the nutritional formula that can simplify your eating habits, boost your energy, & give you back your life—post-menopause, and for decades to come.
In this program, you’ll learn how to…
  • Put nutritious meals together quickly & strategically—without counting calories or wondering whether your “healthy” meal is really doing its job
  • Fuel your body with the nutrients you need to feel energized & focused all day long
  • Minimize cravings & make intentional choices about what goes into your body
  • Stay satisfied from one meal to the next—no more getting “hangry” or trying to ignore that pit in your stomach between meals
  • Grocery shop with ease, so you can ditch the food stress and save time
  • Reduce inflammation, so you can stay active & show up fully in your life
  • Reduce or avoid medications with smart lifestyle shifts that boost your overall health
  • Eat in a way that allows you to live the life you want, on your terms
...AKA, everything you need to stop wondering what you should be eating & implement a sustainable, delicious nutritional plan you’ll actually ENJOY.
What’s Inside Navigate Your Plate
Here’s what you get when you commit to improving your health through better nutrition.
Navigate Intro Guide
Our proprietary, science-backed approach to post-menopausal nutrition! You’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough that explains our entire philosophy and how you can start putting it into action in your daily life.
ABCs of Eating After 50 Video Training
This detailed video training goes in-depth with strategies to help you thrive in your post-menopausal life.
Nutrient-Packed Recipes
Get 30+ delicious, nutrient-packed recipes specifically designed to fight inflammation, fuel your body, and give you the energy you need to conquer your day.
2-Week Sample Meal Plan
We’ll give you a 2-week meal plan sample that shows you how you can easily mix and match your new recipes to work the plan and feel your best.
PM Superstars Food List
Take your nutritional improvements to the next level with our t list of “celebrity” health foods for post-menopausal women.
PM Shopping Guide
Say goodbye to grocery store stress! Get a headstart on your shopping trip & save hours each month with this done-for-you, nutritionally balanced shopping list. 
I think this program is wonderful! It offers so much variety and I feel confident that the necessary nutrients needed in a women's diet are included. This allows me to feel more prepared to take care of my health, especially my bones which is a growing concern as I age!
- Allie Lipson
PM Meal Mastery Is Perfect For You If…
  • You’re a woman who’s gotten through menopause and wants to take charge of your health by eating a healthier, nutritionally balanced diet.
  • You love the idea of being able to manage your weight without having to “be on a diet” at this point in your life.
  • You’re struggling with low energy and want to eat in a way that gives you back your natural zest for life.
  • You like the idea of using nutrition to stabilize your moods and emotions.
  • You’re sick of dealing with inflammation and joint pain and want to improve your health naturally, without having to rely on medication.
  • You’ve noticed changes in your body since menopause and want to feel more like yourself again.
  • You’re struggling with diabetes or another lifestyle-related illness and want to get your health in check without intrusive medical interventions.
  • You’re frustrated by the conflicting information you’ve found regarding post-menopausal women’s nutrition and just want CLEAR guidelines on what to eat.
  • You’re ready to get back in the driver’s seat of your life, show up for your grandkids, engage with your favorite hobbies, travel, enjoy retirement, and LIVE your life!
PM Meal Mastery has been exceptionally helpful in learning which foods nourish my body and which irritate it. Figuring out what foods work individually is challenging and can be a lot of work! Jane and Stephanie's program helped me cut through contradictory information and eat in ways that nourish me with clear, actionable information. The recipes are delicious and they have lots of time-saving tips.
- Mary Cullen
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PM Meal Mastery

Optimize Your Health & Boost Your Energy With The Simple, Holistic Approach To Nutrition After Menopause

  • The PM Plan
  • ABCs of PM Eating Video Training
  • 30+ Nutrient-Packed Recipes
  • 2-Week Sample Meal Plan
  • PM Superstars Food List
  • PM Shopping Guide
Total Value = $147
Today’s Price = $37!
How It Works:
5 Steps to Transforming Your Health After Menopause
STEP 1: Grab your copy of PM Mastery on this page. 
STEP 2: Check your inbox for login info & get started today. 
STEP 3: Follow our simple system for putting together nutritionally balanced meals that work for where you are in your life right now. 
STEP 4: Lean on our sample meal plan for guidance as you learn to create your own nutritionally - balanced meals. 
STEP 5: Say goodbye to calorie counting and dieting forever - and hello to a huge energy boost, reduced inflammation, and heaps of confidence. 
PM Meal Mastery comes ready-to-implement with all the resources, guidance, & nutritional strategies you need to eliminate guesswork from your life—and learn EXACTLY what you should be eating to look and feel your best after menopause!
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PM Meal Mastery

Optimize Your Health & Boost Your Energy With The Simple, Holistic Approach To Nutrition After Menopause

  • The PM Plan
  • ABCs of PM Eating Video Training
  • 30+ Nutrient-Packed Recipes
  • 2-Week Sample Meal Plan
  • PM Superstars Food List
  • PM Shopping Guide
Total Value = $147
Today’s Price = $37!
I joined PM Meal Mastery because I had gained weight and was having a lot of difficulty losing it. I had also lost touch with what is the right amount of food to eat for me, and I was eating too many convenience foods. PM Meal Mastery gives you lots of ideas and options for quick, easy and delicious meals that feel like a treat. I like knowing that I have upgraded my nutrition and I am already feeling more energetic after just a couple of weeks.
- Betsy McCloud
Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program delivered?  

When you register, you will get access to a member page where all the materials are waiting for you. Download them to your computer at your own convenience and they are yours for life.  

How long do the recipes take to make? 

We designed the recipes to be the perfect combo of simple BUT tasty. Most take under 30 minutes to make (and many less than 10 min!)

Are the ingredients weird or hard to find? 

Nope. You can follow the PM plan without having to search for exotic foods, and will find most ingredients in your local supermarket. 

Do your recipes contain gluten? What about dairy? 

While not everyone has to give up gluten or dairy, none of our recipes contain gluten, and most do not contain dairy. 

Is the plan restrictive? Do I have to give up all my favorite foods? 

This is more of a formula vs a strict meal plan. We encourage eating the PM way using our formula as much as possible but don't encourage super restrictive eating that forces you to give up all your favorite foods.

Can I follow this plan if I am vegan? 

You bet. We have tons of vegetarian AND vegan options.

Can I follow this plan if I have diabetes or another chronic illness?

Yes! The strategies we teach in PM Meal Mastery can actually help you manage the symptoms of diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammatory diseases, and a number of other health issues. While you should always let your doctor know when making changes to your diet, PM Meal Mastery is a safe and effective way to get a handle on your nutrition.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital & instant-access nature of this program, we’re unable to offer refunds. 
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PM Meal Mastery

Optimize Your Health & Boost Your Energy With The Simple, Holistic Approach To Nutrition After Menopause

  • The PM Plan
  • ABCs of PM Eating Video Training
  • 30+ Nutrient-Packed Recipes
  • 2-Week Sample Meal Plan
  • PM Superstars Food List
  • PM Shopping Guide
Total Value = $147
Today’s Price = $37!

If you’re ready to live a fuller, more engaged life & feel like your healthiest version of yourself… We’re here to help!

Get instant access to PM Meal Mastery now and start improving your nutrition TODAY…
...For less than 50 bucks!
Every big change starts with a single step. Consider this your first step in the right direction, and let’s do this together!
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PM Meal Mastery

Optimize Your Health & Boost Your Energy With The Simple, Holistic Approach To Nutrition After Menopause

  • The PM Plan
  • ABCs of PM Eating Video Training
  • 30+ Nutrient-Packed Recipes
  • 2-Week Sample Meal Plan
  • PM Superstars Food List
  • PM Shopping Guide
Total Value = $147
Today’s Price = $37!
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